What Hope Looks for in Founders

✔ A visionary founder with aspirations and a plan of growing and scaling your business beyond Bahrain

✔ Hard-working and resilient founders able to creatively overcome business challenges

✔ Execution driven founders that can build momentum in their business and get things done

✔ A clear understanding of the problem being solved, or the value being added with their businesses

✔ A Founder who is coachable, open to learning, self-aware, and able to reflect and adjust

What Hope Looks for in Businesses

✔ Bahraini majority-owned business

✔ A clear and strong value proposition to compete against existing businesses

✔ A promising business model that does not operate on a reseller model

✔ Operating in a high growth market with demonstrated market need

✔ Clear growth & scalability potential

Our Process

1. Program Applications Open: Program applications will be announced to apply online.

2. Initial Shortlisting: The Hope team will filter the applications based on Beban’s selection criteria to assess entrepreneur’s application eligibility

3. Experts' Review: Following the initial shortlisting, industry experts will review the applications to assess the business' model and scalability potential

4. Bootcamp Participants Selection: A five-member panel comprised of Hope team and business experts will score the final shortlisted applications and unanimously select candidates for Beban Bootcamp Training.

5. Bootcamp Admission: You will receive an email on the outcome of your application for Beban bootcamp within two weeks of the application deadline.

6. Beban Entrepreneur Selection: Upon completion of the Bootcamp, a selection committee comprising of Hope Team and business experts will select the final participants to be on Beban Show.