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Beban is an entrepreneurship-themed reality television show and the region’s 1st private-public investment platform that connects entrepreneurs with regional investors who can strategically accelerate their growth into regional markets.

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Our Process

Upon completion of the application form, the Hope team will guide you throughout the process



Fill out the “apply now” form to introduce your business and the investment opportunity to the Hope team


The Hope team will redirect you based on your business stage; you may be redirected to a program or directly to an investment associate


Establish a line of communication with the investment team that will support you until the business is ready for upcoming investment stages

Due Diligence Process

Your business will be evaluated based on many factors including team, market size, traction, legal, value proposition, amongst others

Investment Committee

You will pitch your business to the investment committee for evaluation, the Hope team will support you in preparation for the pitch

Terms Negotiations

If an investment offer is made, negotiations will commence to agree on the investment terms and mechanism

What we look for

In founders:

Execution driven founders that can build momentum in their businesses and get things done

Hard working and resilient founders able to creatively overcome business challenges

Clear understanding of the problem being solved, or the value being added with their businesses

A visionary founder with aspirations and a plan of growing and scaling their business beyond Bahrain

Self-aware and honest founders able to reflect and adjust

In businesses:

A clear and strong value proposition to compete against existing businesses

Operating in a high growth market with demonstrated market need

Clear growth & scalability potential

Promising business model

Hope is currently scouting for investment opportunities unrelated to its programs and will start contacting applicants in 2022.

Highlight of Beban Season 1 & 2

USD 6,300,000

Investment made on Beban Season 2


Investment deals made on Beban Season 2

Our selection criteria for Beban Season 4 businesses:

The business is generating revenue with potential for stable cash flows (growth and expansion stage)
The business has a solid business model and in full operation (MVPs are not accepted unless founder has a successful track record)
Proven market traction with a solid product and customer base
The business has a high scalability potential
Founder(s) must have strong traits and skills that will help the company achieve its goals
Founder(s) are preferably full time

Beban Season 4 Application

1Getting to know you
2Getting to know your role in the business
3Getting to know your business
4Getting to know how you started the business

Getting to know you

Please add the country code. Example: +973XXXXXXXX
Please ensure that you use an email that is active and you have access on.

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Beban Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform that connects promising entrepreneurs with investors who want to empower their businesses.
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Beban W.L.L, is licensed as a crowdfunding platform operator by the Central Bank of Bahrain.

Why fundraise through Beban Crowdfunding?

- Access to local and regional investors to grow and scale local businesses

- Reach mass audience in the GCC

- Business growth opportunities through strategic investors and partners

- Business knowledge and training for founders

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