Hope Ventures Concludes Bidaya Program with 15 Bahraini Founders Pitching for Investment

January 11, 2022

Manama, Bahrain:  Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, will host their first ever Demo Day to mark the conclusion of their Bidaya Program. Bidaya is an entrepreneurship training program that provided dedicated Bahrainis with the knowledge and expertise required to turn their ideas into viable business opportunities which can be pitched to investors for equity investment.

The first phase of the program welcomed 40 high-caliber participants, shortlisted from over 400 applicants, into an intensive bootcamp experience that provided them a platform to refine their ideas and pitch them to a selection committee for the opportunity to progress into the second and final phase of the program.

A total of 15 out of the 40 participants qualified to enter the second and final phase of the program, where they were given the opportunity to complete their business plans and pitch for a potential equity investment opportunity. The qualified 15 will present themselves and their concepts to a room full of potential investors and business partners. Towards the end of the event, entrepreneurs will receive an opportunity to network with investors and showcase their individual ideas, offering further insights into their business plans and growth plans.

General Manager of Hope Ventures, Fajer Al Pachachi, said: “We are excited to host our first Demo Day, showcasing the selected 15 promising Bahraini entrepreneurs and their business ideas to potential investors and business partners. The participants faced a number of challenges throughout the program, requiring them to adjust and adapt their ideas, but their resilience and determination is a testament to the skills required to become an entrepreneur and played a detrimental role in selecting them for this program.”

“Hope provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to gain access to knowledge, expertise and funding which make up some of the biggest barriers to entrepreneurial growth. It is our role to identify founders with entrepreneurial skillsets who are capable of embarking on this journey of success, while the hard work and subsequent success is contingent on the founders themselves.”

Based on their business plans and presentations, Hope will be announcing the entrepreneurs who will be receiving equity investment.

To learn more about Hope Ventures and their initiatives, please visit www.hopefund.bh