An entrepreneurship training program tailored for hardworking and high-potential Bahrainis who have a unique idea and the motivation to take it from a concept to reality.
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What is Bidaya?

Bidaya is an entrepreneurship training program designed to empower dedicated Bahrainis to take their business concepts from the ideation stage to creating a minimum viable product (MVP), and pitching their business concepts for potential funding opportunities. The program also provides them with the knowledge required to refine their business concepts and develop their business plans.

Bidaya will take the participants through two phases, the first phase will allow them to refine their concepts, then a group of participants will graduate to the second phase where they will develop business plans ready to be pitched for potential funding opportunities.

Who are we looking for?

Bahrainis who are committed, dedicated, objective-driven and hardworking

Individuals who are motivated to become entrepreneurs and either initially started with a business concept or just have an idea

The business idea must be unique and scalable

Individuals looking for funding opportunities to launch their businesses

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