Calling all Future Entrepreneurs: Hope Ventures Launches ‘Bidaya’

September 16, 2021

**Idea Stage Entrepreneurship Program Opens to Applicants** 

Manama, Bahrain: Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, launched ‘Bidaya’ on Thursday, a dynamic bootcamp experience designed for Bahrainis with a unique business idea that they are looking to develop and grow into a viable business. The program will allow future entrepreneurs to gain access to knowledge, industry expertise, networking opportunities and extend the fundamental working tools required for their business’s success.  

Bidaya will be facilitated by the region’s leading accelerator, Brinc MENA and will comprise of two phases designed to empower participants and hone their budding entrepreneurial skills and ambitions. The program will start with a 7-day concept refinement phase, from which a group of the participants will graduate and proceed to a 3-week long entrepreneurship focused phase. By the end of the program, participants will be ready to pitch their business ideas to Hope Ventures for potential equity investment opportunities. 

Commenting on the initiative, H.E. Minister of Youth, Chairman of Hope Fund, Mr. Aymen bin Tawfeeq Almoayed, said: “Bidaya serves as the start for young ambitious Bahrainis in their entrepreneurial journey. It is part of Hope’s overall strategy that fulfills our vision to cultivate an entrepreneurship culture in the Kingdom by empowering Bahraini youth to launch and grow their business concepts.”  

“We want motivated Bahrainis to know that their ideas are valuable, and that Hope works to encourage youth with a startup or business idea in its early stages to reach out and receive the required support and the necessary knowledge to refine their business concepts in order to produce a business plan and pitch their ideas for potential investment opportunities,” he continued. 

Fajer Al Pachachi, General Manager of Hope Ventures, added: “It is important for us here at Hope Ventures to see committed and hardworking Bahraini youth receive the right guidance. Whether they are founders that require investment or individuals with unique and scalable business ideas, we are looking for people who are dedicated and objectives-driven and have the ability to capitalize on mentorship opportunities that will ultimately help them excel at their business of choice. Through our programs, we strive to foster a strong knowledge-sharing platform that propels participants forward, allowing them to take their ideas to the next level and realize their vision, bringing it to life in our markets and beyond.” 

Applications for the program will be accepted on the Hope Ventures website between September 16 and October 7, and the program will begin on November 1 of this year.